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'Wonderful Villages' Photo Competition Update
'Wonderful Villages' Photo Competition Update

The last photo submission was made on the 15th March 2020, and the last public votes were registered on the 6th April. Sadly, as we moved into the judging stage, we were very rudely interrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. As we write this on 28th September 2020, some 40% of Village Halls across the country remain closed because of Covid-19, which is a shame for many reasons, including that each photo entrant was asked to nominate a Village Hall and winning entries would result in the nominated Village Hall receiving awards ranging from £50 to £1,000, while the photographer can win from £25 to £500.

As the Covid-19 crisis seems set to continue, we are making plans to celebrate the awards remotely rather than at the winning Village Halls in order to respect social distancing and avoid the need for our personnel to travel to different locations across the UK.

We look forward to reviewing all the fantastic photos we have been sent, and although voting has closed, we are pleased to make these available for you to enjoy as well - CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS

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