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Turning a Village Hall loss into a BIG WIN
Turning a Village Hall loss into a BIG WIN

Rental income stopped for the Village Hall - surviving then creating a solution

Village, church and community halls often rely heavily on rental income from those using their buildings to provide services and activities to the community. So if, for some reason, those services or activities suddenly stop, halls can find themselves in a bit of a financial pickle. Finbar Murphy is Chair of Cookham Dean Village Hall in Berkshire, which lost a key tenant just over two years ago. Thankfully, they responded with an idea that’s not only kept everything going for the hall, but is helping local residents and businesses and has even spread to another community nearby. Finbar is a guest one The Village Halls Podcast this week for a Village Halls Week special episode to explain how it all works…

Click here for more info and the podcast 28th January 2022, Episode 2, Season 2.

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