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Village Hall Insurance - VillageGuard, the most popular Village Hall insurance in the UK
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Floor sanding and restoration services for village halls.

We have been a pioneer in product development for the insurance industry for over thirty years.

Service Standards
Allied Westminster made huge strides into the Village Hall insurance market by offering two major benefits that our competitors often cannot match.

Extremely efficient and professional BS72942
In my dealings with Allied Westminster during the year, I have found the service to be extremely efficient and professional. Queries are mostly handled via the one phone call but ...

VillageGuard®: the UK's most popular Village Hall policy!
PRESS RELEASE: Good news for 2019! VillageGuard® is now the insurance policy chosen by more village halls than any other in Britain!
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Always delighted BS69222
I have always been delighted with the way Allied Westminster handles our contract, particularly the speed of response and the patience and professionalism of everybody that I have...

Would thoroughly recommend you BS67243
Thank you for all the help and support you have provided, both recently and during the Covid lockdown. Many thanks for handling the claim for us so swiftly. It was much appreciate...

Dealing with our claim so speedily BS73902
Thank you very much for dealing with our claim so speedily and making the transfer immediately.  It is the first claim I have had to make and am very impressed by the level o...

Well organised and responsive BS72655
I am finding that Allied Westminster is very well organised and responsive.  I dial your number and someone invariably answers within a few rings - extraordinary in this day ...

I couldn’t fault the service BS65101
I am only too happy to say I couldn’t fault the service you have given us. I’m afraid my heart sank when I realised we would have to make a claim for the storm damage, but you h...
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