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VillageGuard Village Hall Insurance – Protecting Halls and Trustees

Charity Trustee's Duty


Underinsurance is a big problem affecting Village Halls & Trustees

Underinsurance is a serious problem that affects Halls across the UK.  In recent years, the majority of Halls that we had surveyed were found to be undervalued and underinsured, often significantly. This puts both Halls and Trustees at risk. That’s why Allied Westminster has been campaigning about this issue for years.

An obvious solution is to have the Hall professionally valued… but at £500-£800 the cost of a full on-site survey by a RICS Surveyor is simply beyond the reach of many Hall Committees, especially as the Charity Commission recommends that valuations should be repeated on a regular basis. 

Our pioneering initiative is a solution for most Halls...

A detailed multi-page Valuation Report which itemises all property assets of a Hall (main building, outbuildings, car parks, tennis courts, fences, etc.)  together with ‘rebuild times’, allowing Trustees to calculate loss of earnings from Hall closure. This allows Trustees full and accurate control over the sum insured they set.

The report is only £75 to clients of VillageGuard®  and subsidised to a lesser extent for all other Halls, including Halls which are not yet insured with us.

Our mission is to eliminate under-insurance for as many Village Halls as possible across the UK by providing survey solutions which are highly cost-effective. Before you consider the cost of having a survey - think of the potential cost of not having one.

HOW IT WORKS: Complete and return a simple form (by post or online). Our Surveyors use the form content - together with a deep analysis of other information they can access - to produce a very detailed valuation report, without the need for a site visit. Aviva, the underwriters of VillageGuard, guarantee to accept the results of the report for a period of five years, after which you can repeat the exercise. Following receipt of the report, you may need to increase your sum insured which will result in a premium increase. Equally, any decrease in sum insured will result in a lower premium and refund if applicable. At each subsequent renewal, sums insured will be subject to index linking, as with all VillageGuard policies. 

In effect, this eliminates the possibility of legal action against Trustees due to buildings under-insurance for a period of five years. We suggest all Halls should be revalued every five years. 

For more information, call us for a friendly chat on 01937 845245 or complete one of the forms below.

1. Existing VillageGuard clients who wish to request a Report can DOWNLOAD THIS PDF FORM for emailing or posting back to us. NB. Make sure you save the file to your computer BEFORE you complete it, otherwise your data may be lost. Open, complete and save the file in Adobe Acrobat for best results.

2. For new clients, full Terms and Conditions will be provided when you request a VillageGuard quotation. Click the button below.

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