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Village Hall Insurance - VillageGuard, exclusively designed Village Hall Insurance.
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Underinsurance could result in more than just a serious headache...

Charity Trustee's Duty

The problem for many is that getting the right sums insured is often complex and the values in question can change quickly. In the property market, there is often confusion between the market value of a property and its rebuild cost. Charges for building materials and labour also change regularly and many businesses forget to include the fees for removing debris and clearing the site before a rebuild even starts. A full Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation following site visit may be best the solution, but it can be very expensive; for Village Halls this can typically be between £450+VAT to £800+VAT.

With thousands of Village Halls across the UK insured through Allied Westminster, we have used our economies of scale and systems skills to create a low-cost solution...

Allied Westminster has put together a unique and easy-to-use online service for VillageGuard clients whereby chartered surveyors will provide a Property Rebuild Cost Evaluation for a fee of only £100+VAT, approved and supported by AVIVA. Allied Westminster does not keep any part of the £100+VAT fee.

In addition, if the surveyor's evaluation figure is accepted by a client, AVIVA have agreed to remove the condition of average from their policy for 5 years AND also give 25% FREE additional buildings insurance cover.

In effect you can chose to eliminate any possibility of legal action against trustees due to buildings underinsurance for 5 years, at a cost of only £24 per year.

Three great reasons to obtain an evaluation...



Full Terms and Conditions will be provided when you request a VillageGuard quotation.

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