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Results for Flood Alert Links For England Scotland And Wales

Flood Alert Links
Useful flood alert links as and when required.

Useful Flood Alert Links
For England, Scotland, and Wales.
Category: news
100 Years of Village Halls
A Celebration of One Hundred Years of Village Halls, by Jen Hazelton, Allied Westminster. Jan 2021

COVID-19 England & Scotland rule variance 29 July 2020
COVID-19 England & Scotland rule variance 29 July 2020
Category: news
GOVERNMENT COVID-19 Updates (England)
Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities
Category: news
COVID-19 Update 13th July 2020
COVID-19 related reference sources for Village Halls and information for our VillageGuard policyholders. This update is the same as was released on the 8th of July, but also has gu...
Category: news
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