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'Wonderful Villages' Photo Competition begins!
'Wonderful Villages' Photo Competition begins!

Allied Westminster's 'Wonderful Villages’ photo competition, launched to provide funds for winning village/community halls, welcomes entries from all rural halls.

The Hereford Times is one of several newspapers which began coverage of Allied Westminster's 'Wonderful Villages' photo competition.

The competition is running from 15th December 2019 - 15th March 2020 and is designed to  provide much-needed funds for winning halls as well as emphasise the vital role that village halls play in building community spirit within their villages.

If your hall would like to take part, an A4 poster for noticeboard display can be downloaded from https://villagehallsurvey.com/survey/photo-competition.

Rules and details are available from https://www.facebook.com/AlliedWestminster/ and also from https://villagehallsurvey.com/survey/photo-competition.

If you and hall members would like to be automatically updated on the competition's progress, please Follow or Like the Allied Westminster Facebook page  in the above link and encourage members to do the same.

Many halls are making posts on their Facebook pages to alert members and spark collaboration. If you would like an image to post, one can be downloaded here: https://villagehallsurvey.com/photo-competition-graphic-fb.png

We look forward to seeing your entry. Please share this if you can. We want to give all village halls a fair chance to take part. The competition is being publicised by ACRE and most RCCs but not all village halls see those notices.


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