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Village Hall Insurance - VillageGuard, the most popular Village Hall insurance in the UK
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Here is a small sample of the many testimonials we receive from Village Hall Trustees about our VillageGuard and our service standards. Client approval is reinforced by a renewal rate of over 95% per year. We have grown by recommendation and VillageGuard, our primary product, is now the most popular Village Hall insurance policy in the UK! Don't keep us a secret!

Why is it your company are so good at customer service? You are the best

M.S. May 2024 Oxfordshire

Following discussions about setting up a Pop-up Pub:
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and the information therein. It has helped clarify the situation greatly. Thank you again for all your help. It is much appreciated.

C.C. February 2024 Kinross

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. I’ll be able to sleep tonight! 
I really appreciate your help.

B.M. February 2024 Shrewsbury

We were your happy customers before but we can now be placed in the extremely chuffed category!

C.S. February 2024 Northumberland

Thanks very much for your very prompt and reassuring email. It is much appreciated.

S.D. December 2023 Lincolnshire

Thank you for your patience and efficiency!

L.S. December 2023 Moray

I approached Allied Westminster Insurance Services after becoming increasingly frustrated with my previous insurer's complex requirements regarding our key safe installation. From the very beginning, the team at AWIS were outstanding in their service. They promptly and clearly answered all of our questions, providing a level of customer care that was both refreshing and reassuring. Since moving to Allied Westminster, we have been extremely satisfied with the straightforward, professional approach they bring to insurance, making what was once a tedious process both simple and efficient.

C.G. December 2023 Norfolk

The prompt and efficient level of customer service is greatly appreciated from everyone involved. Phone calls and emails are always handled professionally and in most cases, enquiries are answered straight away, with no further follow up required.

It is great to know that hours will not be spent on the phone waiting to speak to someone, and that multiple emails will not have to be sent to chase an issue. Thank you.

K.P. October 2023 Staffordshire

I shall be retiring as the Chair of the Hall Committee after some 25 years+ in the role. I would just like to thank you, and all your various colleagues who have dealt with us in the recent past, for all your good services to us on insurance matters over the years. They have all been excellent to deal with, and your Company has been most efficient in all its processes, so many thanks for that. If Katherine is still with you, please pass on my best wishes as she looked afters us well for quite a few years.

R.G. July 2023 Nottingham

Thank you. Excellent service!

E.T. July 2023 Bedfordshire

Excellent service, as always

D.C. May 2023 Norfolk

I wish to place on record my warm and deep appreciation of the excellent assistance and advice offered to me by your goodself and your colleagues over the past seven years. Thank you all!

G.M. May 2023 Devon

Many thanks for sorting this out.  You are always most helpful and I wouldn't dream of using another company.

T.B. April 2023 Cumbria

Thank you so much for your help and attention and a satisfactory conclusion, it will help us in these difficult times as I have said before. We have always found that the staff at Allied Westminster have always been helpful and explained in detail every query we have had and your reminders are so important as we can keep ourselves within the correct guidelines.

M.B. February 2023 Powys

Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply. That is extremely helpful.

D.L. February 2023 West Sussex

As always exemplary service from Village Guard.

J.C. February 2023 Northumberland

Thank you for very prompt and useful reply. It is much appreciated.

R.W. January 2023 Devon

Many thanks for your email, which as always is prompt, helpful and constructive.

S.D. January 2023 Lincolnshire

Thanks for your usual help and efficiency.

B.N. January 2023 North Yorkshire

Thank you for your clear and helpful response to my query.

P.W. January 2023 East Midlands

Many thanks for your highly valued assistance.

S.D. January 2023 Lincolnshire

Thank you all so much for your help, everyone I have spoken to as usual has been friendly, helpful and very professional.

J.H. December 2022 Cheshire

Thank you also for the excellent and efficient manner in which you have dealt with our claim. An inspiring example of brilliant customer service.

L.J. November 2022 Buckinghamshire

Many thanks to all the staff at Allied Westminster who have been extremely helpful during the revaluation and renewal process.

M.S. November 2022 Hertfordshire

Many thanks for your help and support with this.  I am pleased to say that the refund has already found its way into our account.  As a committee we are impressed by the timely and effective way Allied Westminster functions and deals with village halls (in this case) that insure with the company.

I mean it!  Allied Westminster is one of the few companies that I know that, when I call, I can be sure of the phone being answered with a very few rings and the person who answers can invariably be helpful.  I cannot tell you how much that sort of access is valued.  Well done.

H.D. November 2022 Oxfordshire

Thank you for increasing the cover and for updating me on the Employers liability situation. Excellent customer service, as always.

T.H. October 2022 Wiltshire

We are happy to accept the new build costs that you have suggested, the assessment makes very interesting reading and we are glad that you have offered this service.

R.H. October 2022 Somerset

In my dealings with Allied Westminster during the year, I have found the service to be extremely efficient and professional. Queries are mostly handled via the one phone call but if further communication is necessary, it is always very prompt and clear.

K.P. October 2022 Staffordshire

Thank you very much for the rapid response and very helpful advice, much appreciated.

M.F. September 2022 Devon

Many thanks for your useful and prompt reply. It will really help our decision making.

A.O. September 2022 Devon

Hello, message received along with attachments. Can confirm service we receive is first class for which we are most grateful.

D.L. September 2022 West Midlands

Thank you for this morning’s phone call, and this email, which answers all my questions. Way back, I was responsible for choosing Allied Westminster as our insurers. Once again, I’m confirmed that I was right!

M.L. September 2022 North Yorkshire

Since I have been involved at this end from covid onwards your efficiency and customer focus has been second to none. Please pass this on to the team.

D.B. August 2022 Cornwall

A shame that other firms do not have your high standards.

D.F. July 2022 Worcester

Thank you Bozena - your input was most helpful

B.G. July 2022 West Sussex

Thank you sincerely for responding to my question in such detail, and of course I am bound to say what wonderful service we receive from Allied Westminster both now and no doubt into the future.

J.F. July 2022 Dorset

Thank you for your help this morning. Life would be so much simpler if all businesses were as easy to deal with as Allied Westminster.

Thank you

J.B. July 2022 Yorkshire

Thank you so much for your speedy attention to this matter. I never cease to be impressed with the efficiency of your organisation.

E.L. June 2022 Wiltshire

Excellent service! 

N.H. June 2022 Shropshire

Helen, can I thank both you and Suzanne for your help and advice in respect to insurance for the ************ Jubilee street party.
It is often the detail that happens in the background that makes these things a success.
The day was enjoyed by around 100 of the residents of ************. Because of the poor weather we actually ended up holding the party in the hall rather than the street.  The day passed without incident and with much appreciation by all who attended and all who had been involved in making it happen. It will be remembered for many years to come (for all the right reasons).
Your care and advice were much appreciated by me in respect to ensuring we had the relevant insurance - just in case!

J.C. June 2022 Leicestershire

I have always been delighted with the way Allied Westminster handles our contract, particularly the speed of response and the patience and professionalism of everybody that I have spoken to.

G.H. June 2022 Kent

We have been very happy with the service provided by Allied Westminster, thanks for getting our renewal sorted out efficiently. Every question from us was answered very promptly which means our renewal was sorted out with plenty of time to spare

D.H. May 2022 Devon

Thank you so much for the prompt payment. That is excellent news.

Your service is excellent. I have found you all to be helpful and knowledgeable.

S.M. May 2022 Somerset

Thank you for all the help and support you have provided, both recently and during the Covid lockdown. Many thanks for handling the claim for us so swiftly. It was much appreciated. We are very grateful for all your help and would thoroughly recommend you to any other Village Hall committee.

J.C. April 2022 Essex

I am very pleased to say that I found your service exceptional throughout. You have answered all my questions clearly and quickly.  Our old broker was good, but their answers didn’t always inspire confidence, whereas I feel that you have in-depth knowledge of a complex product. A very good package for village halls at a competitive price.  I am most impressed!

P.U. April 2022 Northamptonshire

Thank you for all your help in arranging our cover and correspondences especially through the difficult time of Covid. Your level of service and commitment to our charity is most appreciated.  Thank you.

C.R. April 2022 Kent

Thank you very much for dealing with our claim so speedily and making the transfer immediately.  It is the first claim I have had to make and am very impressed by the level of service you have provided.  You were most helpful, when I took out our cover at the end of last year and it is most gratifying to know that the same service is provided throughout. Once again many thanks.

M.R. February 2022 Herefordshire

How lovely is that. Thank you so much. Also the roof was beautifully repaired on Saturday, so we are all back to normal.

S.S. February 2022 Kent

Wow how efficient. Thank you so much. The work is all booked in. How lovely for it all to be dealt with without any fuss…
Thanks again

S.S. February 2022 Kent

“Simply the best!”

Thank you all - and your colleagues - for the superb service and assistance over the years and, especially, during the pandemic. You are simply the best!

G.M. February 2022 Devon

I am finding that Allied Westminster is very well organised and responsive. I dial your number and someone invariably answers within a few rings - extraordinary in this day and age!  And everything is then handled promptly and efficiently.  And advice is clear and sensible. Thank you very much

H.D. January 2022 Oxfordshire

Well done Allied Westminster. You are looking after us very well. Thank You

T. B. January 2022 Suffolk

I am only too happy to say I couldn’t fault the service you have given us. I’m afraid my heart sank when I realised we would have to make a claim for the storm damage, but you have been so helpful that it’s been nothing like the time consuming process I imagined it might be. The storm and subsequent power cuts (everyone in the village was without electricity for a week) left most of us feeling very cold and a bit traumatised, so we particularly appreciated the prompt and efficient way you handled our claim. 

J.W. December 2021 Cumbria

Thank you for your help and your understanding during personnel changes.

K.B. December 2021 Derbyshire

“Attention to detail”

I have been very happy with the suitability of the policy, with the ease of communication with yourselves and with your attention to detail and which you thereby (and necessarily) encourage in your clients!

P.D. November 2021 Fife

As usual, the service of Allied Westminster at renewal has been first class.

B.R. October 2021 Leicester

You gave our funds a very welcome boost last year when you told us about the £10,000 Covid Grants.  We had no idea that we were eligible and the heads up was much appreciated.

J.C. October 2021 Lincolnshire

“Thank you for your goodness”

Do you know, that after many years, you are the first company to take notice of what we have asked?  Thank you again for your goodness in sending paper copies, of important details, to those without email. Please pass on our grateful thanks to those in your company who have helped us in any way.

A.P. October 2021 Cornwall

“Communication has always been genuine, efficient and very helpful”

I would like to thank you and your team for the help you have given us, especially during Covid.  Communication has always been genuine, efficient and very helpful.  The information you sent out about Covid funding meant I looked into it and managed to attain Funding the Scottish Government was distributing.  That was a godsend.

M.S. September 2021 Shetland

“Thank you for your compassion”

Your loving thoughtfulness has done much to restore my faith in Human Nature. I will pass on to XXX, your wonderful thoughtfulness. This will greatly help to restore our faith in the goodness of decent people. I am certain that we are not the only Parish Hall, still in the 'Dark Ages'. This is not the only Rural Area where the majority of local inhabitants are not online. Thank you for your compassion.

A.P. September 2021 Cornwall

“Excellent service as always”

A.T. September 2021 Hertfordshire

“Proactive help and advice during the pandemic”

Thank you again for continuing to insure our Hall and for all of your proactive help and advice over the last 18 months during the pandemic

C.C. July 2021 Oxfordshire


I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the professionalism of your organisation over the years we have had dealings with you.

R.B. July 2021 Shropshire

“Exemplary assistance”

Thank you - yet again - for the exemplary assistance

G.M. June 2021 Devon

“Grateful for advice and support”

We are grateful for the very helpful advice and support from Allied Westminster throughout the last 15 months.

T.W. June 2021 South Yorkshire

“Lovely bunch to deal with”

Thanks to you all for all your assistance with our insurance matters - you really are a lovely bunch to deal with!

M.S. June 2021 Devon

“Thank you for being so concise and diligent”

N.S. June 2021 Herefordshire

“Really pleased we changed our insurance to yourselves”

Once again thank you very much for your help.  We are really pleased that we changed our insurance to yourselves 3 years ago as you have been so helpful.

C.G. May 2021 Suffolk

“Financial Support during Covid crisis”

…I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the detailed advice you gave so that we could claim a [Village Hall] grant due to loss of income due to the pandemic. I had applied three times previously to the local council and had been turned down each time, but the information in your email produced immediate positive results. We are truly grateful.

M.S. May 2021 South Yorkshire

“I must thank you all for your support and advice during these difficult times”

T.B. April 2021 Cumbria

I am very grateful for all the support you have given village halls during the pandemic. Without yourselves and ACRE I really do not think we would have been able to re-open. None of my trustees are particularly computer savvy – 3 out of 6 being in their mid 80’s and it has been solely down to me to keep the hall going. With the constant updating of legislation it has been a minefield of paperwork so I am very thankful to have your company behind us.

J.C. April 2021 Essex

“I would also like to thank you for your patience, expertise and promptness in responding to my emails”

C.C. March 2021 Hertfordshire

“Service Levels - March 2021”

I confirm that we are renewing the policy and I will organise a cheque in payment. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and the team - very knowledgeable and helpful. 

J.B. March 2021 Gloucestershire

“Claims Testimonial”

Thank you so much for settling our claim so quickly. Hopefully we can start to see the hall reopen at the end of June, if the restrictions are lifted as per the map. I have been so pleased from start to finish on how our claim has been dealt with. 

D.M. March 2021 Suffolk

I would just like to say how helpful Allied Westminster have been in dealing with this insurance claim.

K.S. February 2021 Somerset

“I would like to thank you for the efficient management of our recent claim for flood damage to the Village Hall kitchen. I was impressed by the communication with yourselves, you regularly rang or emailed to discuss the progress of the claim and then when we received our payment to fund the cost of replacing the doors of the non-flood damaged units so we would have a matching kitchen.”

J.S. February 2021 Nottinghamshire

“...As for service delivery, I continue to find that you and your team are extremely approachable, understanding, and helpful.”

D.D. February 2021 Bedfordshire

“We wanted to me pass on our thanks for the Covid19 support emails we have sent over the last few months. Especially the fact that they have all been very informative, helpful and written in a way that they could be easily understood.”

L.W. January 2021 Northamptonshire

“Just wanted to say thank you from all of us at *********** Village Hall for completing our insurance claim. I know that it has been a drawn-out process for you due to our lack of information but it has all been very efficiently handled from your end, we are grateful to you.”

A.G January 2021 Devon

“I would like to say how grateful we have been for the information supplied on making the hall Covid safe. Talking to friends, it seems that not all companies have been so helpful.”

D.E. December 2020 County Durham

“May I place on record my appreciation for your exemplary level of service whilst I have had dealings with you. Special appreciation to all your team. You have been a pleasure to deal with!”

M.S December 2020 Staffordshire

“Firstly, may I thank you for being our insurance anchor in these rather troubled times. It's not been easy for any of us to keep things on an even keel. but I think we may be on the right tack. 2021 MUST be better than 2020?”

N.A December 2020 South Yorkshire

“Thank you for all your help and patience to get to the end of this claim, I am very happy with the attention and service provided. The committee wishes you and your colleges a 'Very Happy Christmas and a Brighter New Year'.”

S.T. December 2020 North Yorkshire

“Thank you for your email confirming that the claim settlement has been paid direct to the village hall bank account. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allied Westminster for the excellent service.”

D.M. November 2020 Suffolk

“Many thanks for your support and help with this, you have helped to make it a very easy process.”

B.W. October 2020 Lincolnshire

“Hello. I'm sure you're not especially in need of praise from your customers but, on behalf of *********** Village Hall, I would like to say how much your Company's outstandingly good support and communication over recent months have been appreciated.”

R.C September 2020 Suffolk

“Thanks so much for this fantastic service. Any time Allied Westminster want a testimonial from a more-than-satisfied customer just let me know!”

M.N. September 2020 Somerset

“Thank you... we did apply for the £1,0000 grant and it was received today so many thanks for your advice on this as we had no idea we were eligible! We are grateful for all your hard work.”

J.A. Scottish Borders

“Thank you for the information you forwarded to me about the recommendations regarding use of halls by schools/pre-school during the Covid-19 crisis. It was very helpful and has enabled the Trustees and the school to prepare for the opening of the village hall for some of the children at the school. ”

A. S. Gloucestershire

“I have been asked by M*******and Hall (West Norfolk) to pass on their thanks for the ACRE information they received through Allied Westminster. They said that it had been excellent to have it and that it enabled them to feel confident to reopen. They were impressed with the quality of the resources and that Allied Westminster had “shown them where everything they needed to know was”. They very much gave the sense that it had been a timely lifeline...and generally what we have been hearing.”

CF, Engagement Officer Community Action Norfolk

“I'm sure you're not especially in need of praise from your customers but, on behalf of R******hall Village Hall, I would like to say how much your Company's outstandingly good support and communication over recent months have been appreciated. Thank you.”

B.C. Suffolk

“Many thanks for your valuable information. I had received letter from Council at end of March. As we received 100% rate relief, we were not eligible under the published government advice. I was delighted to find out via ACRE that this advice was updated on 1 April to include this category. I have now applied for grant. This is all down to you. Excellent support!!!”

C.L. Cornwall

“Finally many thanks for all your help in arranging this insurance, and in so doing saving the Trustees a considerable amount of money! We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Allied Westminster.”

P.J. Devon

“...By the way, the new wood block floor for the main body of the hall was completed today and looks wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help in making it possible.”

G.W. Shropshire

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the courteous and helpful manner in which you have helped us through this unfortunate event. We would certainly as a committee have no hesitation in recommending you to other village halls.”

G.P. Cumbria

“I want to thank you for your unfailing help and support… Your calm and professional approach was a key factor in helping me convince my fellow Trustees of the right course of action. You were always quick to respond and to give good advice. On the basis of your response to this incident, we have recommended Allied Westminster to other village halls in the area. You only know how good your insurer is when you have to make a claim – and you were very good.”

P.W. Gloucestershire

"The service given by you and your staff, both in connection with our claim and at all other times has been excellent in every respect. I am very pleased that we moved our business to you last year because, from the contact I had with them over the years, I do not believe that our previous agent and insurer would have responded in anyway comparable. Whilst the attitude of the loss adjuster did not meet our expectations, your quick action on our behalf has achieved a most satisfactory outcome which we much appreciate. We shall have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to others."

R.H. North Yorkshire

“I would like to thank you for your help with this claim and for your prompt attention when we needed to sort something out.”

B.W. Northamptonshire

“…it was so nice to have somebody to talk to and particularly somebody whom I had met. Not only do we have a policy which I understand but at a little under 70% of what we were paying before!”

S.G. Norfolk

“Many, many thanks for this and for all your help over the past few months. You have been fantastic to deal with, professional at all times, the documentation has come out in a timely fashion and has been easy to understand.”

S.W. Norfolk
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